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Chat 2 Course - AI Powered Educational Courses

Chat 2 Course: AI-Powered Educational Tool for Financial Advisors

Brian Boughner from AI advisor tools discussed the latest tool, called Chat 2 Course, which utilizes AI to create educational courses. He highlighted that this tool can be beneficial for financial advisors as it helps in educating clients on various financial topics. Brian also mentioned that this tool can be used internally for creating compliance manuals or operations manuals for advisors. He guided the viewers through the process of creating a course on Chat to Course, including buying tokens and choosing the right version of chat GPT. He promised to make a video about the differences between chat GPT 3.5 and 4 in his next week's video.

Creating a Course on the Platform

Brian demonstrated how to create a course on the platform. He named the project, set the learning goals, and specified the target audience. He also informed the system about the learning style and preferred approach. The system responded by generating a course theme and modules. Brian emphasized that the platform would prompt him to provide necessary information to create the course, and he expressed his belief that this format would greatly benefit from the integration of AI. Finally, he noted that the system allowed for customization of the modules while the course was being built.

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