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  • Brian Boughner

An Update To Microsoft Edge Copilot - Images And Summaries

Lots of amazing upgrades to Microsoft Edge from our last video on this tool.

To learn more about CoPilot and what is coming, watch this video.

Microsoft's Copilot Integration in Edge

Brian presented Microsoft's latest AI tool, Copilot, which has been integrated into Microsoft Edge. He emphasized the significance of Copilot as Microsoft is aiming to integrate AI into all its applications, including Office. Brian demonstrated how Copilot can assist in tasks like creating documents and analyzing data within Microsoft Edge, praising it for its efficiency and resource-saving capabilities. Furthermore, Brian highlighted the co-pilot feature's ability to summarize a web page into bullet points, noting that while it is helpful, it does not save conversation or copied content. He also showed how to use the compose function to create different types of content, such as a LinkedIn post, and how to generate paragraph bullet points. Lastly, he pointed out a feature that allows users to title their content.

AI Image Creation and Advisor Tools Demonstration

Brian demonstrated the use of AI tools to create images, including one of a rocket shooting over the moon. Brian also suggested a link to a Youtube video discussing changes for 365.

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